We are selling a Waterproof cases & Aqurun water shoes to over 4,500 stores in the United States, 

All DiCAPac products are also available in the online stores below.

Purchase only from our Authorised Dealer to enjoy the warranty benefit. Do not risk your precious equipment by buying from unauthorised dealer or third party imitate brand. Due to the popularity of DiCAPac products, there are many imitate version appear in the market. Buy only from our Authorised Dealers with confident and peace of mind.

Warranty & Support

All DiCAPac products purchased from our authorised dealers come

with ONE YEAR ONE TO ONE EXCHANGE WARRANTY under manufacturer’s production fault.

Before returning any faulty product under RMA claim, please contact :

E-mail : Customerservice@DiCAPacamerica.com
Adress : 4669 LB McLeod Rd. Ste H Orlando, FL 32811 USA



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