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Message from DiCAPac USA

Welcome to DiCAPac USA- Your sole source for the only patented, camera case capable of enabling digital photographs in up to 33FT of water!
Here at DiCAPac USA, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality waterproof cases for digital cameras, cell phones and other consumer electronics you can buy anywhere in the world!
The heart of the DiCAPac line of products is our Digital Camera series of flexible camera cases which allows you to shoot high quality, digital pictures while participating in water sports or other harsh environments. Digital Camera cases are transparent and are equipped with a built-in optical lens that allows full functional use while the camera is safely encased in the protective package.
Whether you are snorkeling, skiing or shooting the rapids in a kayak, your DiCAPac Camera series protective case will safeguard your expensive equipment! DiCAPac cases are compatible with most brands of cameras, and the investment you will make to protect your valuable equipment is quite small.
We also offer protective cases for mobile telephones, camcorders and other electronic equipment, and are constantly engaged in research and development aimed at developing superior protective products. You will want to visit this website, frequently to see "What's new from DiCAPac!"
Please review our site in detail and contact any of us here at DiCAPac USA with any questions you may have. DiCAPac has distributors and dealers throughout the USA, so click here for the location of the source near to you. Distributor and dealer inquiries are welcome.
The Team DiCAPac USA


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