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Message from DiCAPac USA

DiCAPac Waterproof cases;
The DICAPac Waterproof Case protects your phones and cameras while you use them at the beach, during activities such as swimming, kayaking, skiing, fishing, sailing, snorkeling, or diving. It is a PVC vinyl housing with a polycarbonate lens, suitable for use with SLR cameras and smartphones. The housing complies with JIS IPX8 requirements for underwater usage.

Aqurun aquashoes;
Step into comfort and style with our Aqurun Aquashoes! Designed for your aquatic adventures, our footwear combines functionality with fashion. From beach strolls to water sports, Aqurun provide the perfect blend of protection and trendsetting design. Dive into a world of comfort and make a splash with Aqurun - where every step is a statement!

Distributor and dealer inquiries are welcome.

The Team DiCAPac USA


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